Flavor Profile: Our Glazed Carrots

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At Copper Canyon, we take our food seriously.  Each dish is handcrafted by our chefs and held to the highest standards of flavor and presentation.  And this is not just the case for entrees.  Every single dessert, side dish, and extra receives the same level of dedication from the kitchen.

Take our famous Glazed Carrots for example.  Rather than adding sugar, we prefer to let the natural sweet flavor of our fresh carrots shine by boiling them in a small amount of water until the natural sugars and flavors seep through to create a natural glaze.  This mixture is then tossed into a pan with a spoonful of butter and sautéed until the carrots begin to brown and the butter mixture begins to thicken into perfect glaze.

The end result?  Naturally sweetened, endlessly delicious Glazed Carrots that make the perfect addition to your meal J

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