Spring Fruits


The weather starts to warm up, the nights get longer. It must mean only one thing – Spring is here! And with Spring comes the Spring planting season and Spring fruits. As many “seasoned” fruit planters know, if you want to fully enjoy fresh, seasonal fruit during Summer, then you have to begin planting in Spring. Here is a list of five delicious fruits to plant in your garden this Spring or look for at the farmers market.

Strawberries – There’s nothing quite like biting into that first juicy strawberry of the season. In warmer climates, expect to see strawberries show up at Farmer markets in early Spring, and in mid-Summer in colder areas.

Apricots – Another fruit known for its juiciness is the apricot. Apricots are for baked desserts, such as an apricot tart. They also make for a delicious topping sliced over ice cream.

Cherries – The shinier the cherry, the better. Look for cherries that are without bruises for maximum flavor. Cherries tend to start showing up at the market in late Spring.

Kiwifruits – Kiwi is a rich source of vitamin C and vitamin K, and a good source of dietary fiber and vitamin E. Oh, and it tastes great!

Grapefruits – During Spring is when you want to harvest your grapefruits. This is when they are at their juiciest. Grapefruits go great with salmon, as well as in fresh seasonal salads.


Corn comes into Spring


Lots of our favorite fruits and vegetables are available at this renewing time of year. One of our favorites here at Copper Canyon Grill and Stanford Grill is Corn.

Did you know that the average ear of corn has 800 kernels, arranged in 16 rows and there is one piece of silk for each kernel? The best way to select your corn is to choose ears with green husks, fresh silks and tight rows of kernels. 

In addition, corn has lots of nutritional benefits including: low in fat, saturated fat free, sodium free, cholesterol free and a great source of Vitamin C.

Our famous Southwest Salad Rotisserie chicken comes with lots of corn as well as iceberg lettuce, black beans, tomatoes, jicama, Monterey Jack, Chipotle-blue cheese dressing, avocado & BBQ sauce. A springtime favorite!

Finally, Springtime is here! We just hope the weather starts to act like it!

Springtime Party


Looking forward to spring has us excited about the season to come! We love hosting you in the springtime because it’s all about gorgeous surroundings and simplicity when it comes to our fresh ingredients.

If you’re hosting your own party, keep the menu fresh, light, and simple – some favorites are Calamari, Gazpacho and Coconut Shrimp.

As for the table, the season is all about the flowers, so really keep those florals as the focus! Stick to either one type in a multitude of colors, or one color scheme incorporated in a variety of flowers. As for the rest of the table, keep it low-maintenance with clean, white dishware and simplistic glassware. Subtlety is key!

What are some of your favorite springtime party ideas?

Everyone loves a Peartini!

OS8TyOEe6mjr1wvozMUsRRtoiaqGi5wdVPOOWL6Ymm8The Peartini is definitely a favorite at Stanford Grill all year round. It’s a simple and fun cocktail that combines the flavor of pear with a little spice. The spiced syrup uses the usual wintertime spices of clove, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, vanilla, and orange and uses brown sugar for the sweetener.

There are a number of great pear vodkas available now. Grey Goose is a favorite, and Hangar One’s Spiced Pear is particularly nice in this cocktail. You can also infuse your own vodka when the fruit is in season. Here’s one popular recipe for one cocktail – enjoy!


1 1/2 ounces pear vodka
3/4 ounce amaretto liqueur
1/2 ounce spiced simple syrup
1/4 ounce lemon juice
Pear slice for garnish


1. Place all ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice.
2. Shake vigorously until the outside of the shaker is frosted and beaded with sweat.
3. Strain into a cocktail glass.
4. Garnish with a pear slice.