Summers are for Bucket Lists

Summertime and the living is easy… The long, lazy days of summer are almost here and it’s time to prepare! Beach weather, watermelons, ice cream trucks, fireworks, barbecues and flip flops are all making their way onto the scene. How are you going to make this summer the best one yet?


Here at Copper Canyon Grill and Stanford Grill, family is very important to us. Some of the best memories are made with friends and family! Remember when you were a kid and you would start planning all of the things you were going to do during the summer even before the bell signaling the end of the year had rung? Well, this year, you can recreate that feeling with a summer bucket list for the family! The options are endless, but here are a few of our favorites to add to your list.

  1. Build a sand castle
  2. Play beach volleyball
  3. Make homemade lemonade
  4. Go on a road trip
  5. Have a 4th of July barbecue
  6. Watch the fireworks on the 4th of July
  7. Stop by a farmer’s market
  8. Go to a baseball game
  9. Go to an outdoor concert or theater performance
  10. Go to a drive-in movie theater
  11. Spend one whole day barefoot
  12. Take a nap on a hammock
  13. Go camping
  14. Go on a nature hike
  15. Host or attend a pool party

So if you do one thing this summer, make a bucket list! It may just make the summer of 2014 your best one yet.


The Art of Muddling

Summer is just around the corner and that means cocktail season is officially underway! The perfect drink will make your summer bash, but you won’t get anywhere without knowing how to muddle. If you’re a fan of our Uptown Old Fashioned then you know firsthand how effective muddling can be. Our take on a classic high ball, it is made with muddled orange and is absolutely delicious.


Muddling is the pressing or crushing of herbs and fruit used in cocktails—drop your fresh ingredients into the bottom of the glass, muddle gently, and then add alcohol. It may sound simple, but there’s an art to muddling that can make or break your hostess reputation.

The trick when it comes to muddling is to lightly press fruit just three times in order to release enough flavor for the cocktail without smashing the fruit. Also never add an herb until the last remaining press to ensure that the herb doesn’t add a bitter taste to the cocktail. Finally, don’t forget that appearance is important. You don’t want your guests to be drinking something that resembles a swamp! So if you learn one thing this summer, learn how to muddle. You may not be a mixologist but your guests will surely mistake you for one.

Mother’s Day Brunch

Mother’s day is fast approaching, so give your Mom a Mother’s Day she’ll never forget at her favorite Blue Ridge Group Restaurant! We’ll be holding our Sunday Brunch from 10-2pm on May 11th to celebrate your Mom and will be hosting live jazz at our Stanford Grill location.
Our brunch selections include favorites like our Eggs Benedict and our French Toast in Grand Marnier cream sauce. See our complete brunch menu on our website.
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