Stanford Grill @ 2000 Tower Oaks Boulevard to Open in 2015

Blue Ridge Restaurant Group (BRRG) has selected 2000 Tower Oaks Boulevard in Rockville, MD as the location to open our second signature restaurant, “Stanford Grill,” in 2015! “2000 Tower Oaks Boulevard in Rockville, MD is a beautiful Class “A” office building that creates great synergy with our Stanford Grill brand, in terms of its premium business decor, location, and area demographics,” says Mr. David Jones, Managing Partner of BRRG.

10313825_696469777066595_7605844085345296827_nPatrons of Stanford Grill’s new Rockville location will experience the restaurants’ traditional chef driven menu made daily from scratch, using many locally sourced foods and beverages. In addition, the new location will also feature a ‘scratch’ bakery, and sushi bar. “Our goal is to always elevate our patrons’ dining experience by offering great tasting meals and satisfying portions, in a richly appointed environment that is both elegant and comfortable and supported by well trained, knowledgeable and friendly staff,” says Juancarlo Parkhurst, BRRG’s Chief of Operations.


The new 400+ seat restaurant will encompass 8,000 square-feet on the first floor of the 2000 Tower Oaks Boulevard building. Adding to the restaurant’s ambience will be a lush private dining room with a private outdoor patio; an open fire-pit; live entertainment nightly; a wine cellar offering a large selection of wines and cordials; and valet parking. The restaurant’s bar will feature a wide array of martinis, specialty drinks, cocktails, and beers on tap.

BRRG is planning for a 2015 opening of the Stanford Grill in Rockville, MD!


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