A Pork Porterhouse and THE Best Ribs in Town!

Stanford Grill


Pork Porterhouse

The Porterhouse steak is arguably the most prized cut of pork due to the fact it contains the best of both worlds. One side of the Porterhouse is the tenderloin which is the softest and most tender cut on the animal. The other side is the well marbled strip steak, prized for its internal fat and perfect for our hard wood grill. We have complemented the roasted squash with molasses, honey & toasted almonds.

By matching these ingredients, we are enhancing the natural sweetness and nuttiness of the squash. At last to round out this plate, we have fortified Amaretto into our mustard sauce which is a perfect match for toasted almonds. The combination of hard wood grilled pork, roasted squash, honey, molasses, Amaretto mustard sauce and toasted almonds is a unique and classic match in flavors and textures only available at Stanford Grill through Sunday.

Copper Canyon Grill


Coca Cola BBQ Beef Ribs

 This week in Silverspring and Gaithersburg we will be highlighting Chef Michael’s famed Coca Cola Ribs. You may have become accustomed to the traditional bbq ribs served at most restaurants, but there’s only one that took the title of “#2 Best Dish of All Time” by Broward New Times.

 “This is my signature, award winning dish, also rated #2 best dish of all time by Broward New Times and now it’s at Copper Canyon Grill. Beef ribs are an underutilized item in many restaurants and it’s perfect for an American concept like Copper Canyon Grill. I start with a house made blend of spices as a dry rub, then I infuse the Coca Cola into the BBQ sauce. We braise the ribs low and slow, until they lovingly melt right off the bone. The sticky, caramelized, smokey and tanginess flavors of the sauce are the perfect pairing to the beef.” – Chef Michael

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