Pork Chops, Bacon, Scallops, & More: This Week’s Features!


If you watched our ‪#‎AskChefMichael‬ video on Monday, you already know what Chef Michael’s favorite ingredient is: bacon! So it’s no surprise that it shows up on this week’s feature: Grilled Pork Chops with Bacon & Spiced Pecan Butter. Available at Silver Spring & Woodmore until Sunday. And if you haven’t watch our most recent #AskChefMichael video yet, click to watch it below!

“I had a chef friend while I was living in Miami who shared the same passion I have for bacon. We would always spend time on the phone swapping stories and sharing recipes with one another. He was experimenting with bacon candy and found a great match with pecans and cayenne pepper. Once I had a chance to visit him at his restaurant, he gave me a sample of this unique candy that was salty, spicy and sweet. I was very intrigued by this combination that I wanted to recreate this flavor profile into a savory dish. There are some dishes that I try to compose that will literally hit all of your taste buds. Sweet, salty, sour and bitter are all showcased perfectly in this beautifully matched combination of winter flavors.
Join us today at Copper Canyon, where I will be showcasing a Hardwood Grilled Pork Chops topped with a Bacon & Spiced Pecan Butter. The salty, spicy, sweetness of this butter perfectly complements these juicy smoky chops. Staying true to Copper Canyon Grill’s fresh seasonal concept, I paired this dish with braised red cabbage which delivers a roundhouse kick to this plate.” – Chef Michael

Scallops with Cous Cous

When your products are perfectly fresh and high-quality, you don’t need any fancy ingredients to dress it up. For this week’s feature at Stanford Grill, Chef Michael creates an elegant scallop dish set off with roasted cauliflower and cous cous that you’re guaranteed to love. Available at Stanford Grill through Sunday!

“What is most important about this Scallops dish is the pristine quality of the scallops themselves. We are using a Diver scallop that is caught off the coast of Massachusetts and flown in daily to Copper Canyon. We have paired couscous to accompany the scallops which includes roasted cauliflower. By roasting the cauliflower, we are adding this surprising nutty flavor which transforms this simple vegetable into something more exotic. To complement the scallops, we are pairing a sauce that does not overpower the delicate sweet flavor of this delicacy. Just a little drizzle of an elegant lemon butter sauce is all it takes to round out this simple but complex dish.” – Chef Michael

Don’t forget to #AskChefMichael your cooking questions! You just might hear yours answered, like this week’s question. Watch below for more!


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