(Not Your Mother’s) Crispy Chicken Sandwich

crispy chicken- feature

At Copper Canyon Grill, we love putting a spin on classic dishes to take them to the higher level that we have come to be known for. From brunch to dinner and even dessert, our chefs know that our guests love simple comfort food with an infusion of unique flavors! This week at Gaithersburg and Glenarden, we are featuring a Crispy Chicken Sandwich that is bursting with unique flavors and textures–this isn’t your mother’s chicken sandwich! The chicken breast is breaded with basil crackers, and then topped with beefsteak tomato, Monterey Jack Cheese, and kale tossed in chile-lime vinaigrette. As if you need any more convincing, check out our previous post for the benefits of kale, our favorite superfood! These fresh flavors combine to create a sandwich that stands out in both quality and presentation! Wash it down with your favorite beer for your new favorite lunch. Available until Sunday at Glenarden and Gaithersburg!

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