This week at Stanford Grill


We think the promised warmer weather coming up calls for a taste of New Orleans flavor! This week at Stanford Grill, we are featuring our spin on the classic Shrimp & Grits dish that is served regularly in New Orleans restaurants from breakfast to dinner.

With smoky Andouille sausage, jumbo shrimp, aromatic vegetables, blackening seasoning and fresh tomato, all resting in creamy white grits, this dish sticks to its Creole roots. Let us transport you to Louisiana with this mouth-watering dish, available at Stanford Grill until Sunday!

IMG_0269 IMG_0271

It looks like ‪#‎Spring‬ may be making an appearance this week, and we are more than ready on the Gaithersburg ‪#‎Patio‬! With warmer weather and later sunsets, our patio works perfectly into the ideal date night–walk the boardwalk, watch the golden hour sun shimmer on the lake, and enjoy a delicious dinner with us in the Spring air. Top it all off with a bottle of sparkling wine and dessert and you’ll remember exactly why we love living here!

CC EAster text

We are also filling up quickly for Easter Sunday, so count your friends & family and make your reservations today! We can’t wait to be part of your holiday.

Make your reservations today:

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