Gaithersburg Goes Green!

gaithersburg goes green

Did you know that the average restaurant produces 100,000 pounds of garbage each year? That’s the same size as some of the largest whales in the ocean, and more than the weight of 10 elephants combined! The majority of this garbage will end up in landfills, when in reality, 95% of that waste can be, and should be, recycled.

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Copper Canyon Grill is reducing its environmental impact and sending less waste to area landfills with a full-scale ‪recycling‬ program, and that’s not all. We are proud to announce that Copper Canyon Grill Gaithersburg is now a 2 Star Certified Green Restaurant, a certification bestowed by the Green Restaurant Association! It is our honor to offer great food, quality service, and green piece-of-mind to our customers. By dining with us, you’re reducing your own environmental impact–while having a great meal & experience! We couldn’t be more thrilled to encourage environmentally sustainable actions in the restaurant industry as the only certified green restaurant in Gaithersburg, Maryland!

As you can see on this plaque, Copper Canyon Grill has implemented 45 environmental steps to earn 136.5 GreenPoints in the categories of food, water, waste, energy, chemicals, disposables, and building materials. We are introducing sustainable practices across the board, and hope to inspire others in Gaithersburg, Maryland to do the same! Visit for more information on how we earned this certification. We are always on the hunt for ways to go even more green, so share your environmentally friendly tips in the comments!


Coca Cola BBQ Ribs & Sea Scallops

This week at Copper Canyon Grill, we are running two fan favorite features! You may just have to visit both locations to try both…mini roadtrip, anyone?Coca Cola BBQ Beef Ribs feature

At Gaithersburg, we couldn’t help but feature our Coca Cola BBQ Ribs. These ribs are very popular among our guests, and you’ll see why at first bite! With a house-made blend of spices used as a dry rub before adding Coca Cola-infused barbeque sauce, these mouth-watering ribs are then braised low and slow until they are falling off the bone. Tangy and sweet, smoky and saucey; these ribs can not be missed. Sip your favorite beer, or perhaps even an ice cold cola alongside, and settle in for a relaxing evening. Join us until Sunday at Gaithersburg only to try a plate!

SeaScallops feature

At Copper Canyon Grill, we are passionate about creating dishes that are as nutritious and fresh‬ as they are delicious. This week at SilverSpring ‬we are featuring a dish that displays this perfectly: Sea Scallops with Cous Cous. The stars of this entree are the scallops, which are caught off the coast of Massachusetts‬ and flown in to Copper Canyon daily. Paired with cous cous, roasted cauiliflower, asparagus, and a light lemon butter sauce, this entree is both light and intensely flavorful. Come see for yourself! Available at Silver Spring until Sunday!