Fresh Summer Salads

There is no better season for eating fresh greens than in the summertime. We pride ourselves on filling our salads with the best ingredients available for you to enjoy. Eating clean is always in style, which is why we offer a great selection of greens ranging from our flavorful Seared Ahi Tuna Salad to our Rotisserie Chicken Salad!

Our Seared Ahi Tuna Salad, available at both Copper Canyon and Stanford Grill, is sure to satisfy all the right tastebuds. Seared sesame crusted ahi tuna is accompanied by fresh field greens, mango, avocado, red peppers, red onions, and wonton strips tossed in our honey sesame vinaigrette. Garnished with pickled ginger and wasabi, this salad is a guest favorite!


We’ve overloaded our savory Bravo Salad, available at Stanford Grill, with rotisserie chicken, avocado, dates, goat cheese, roasted corn, and almonds. Enjoy out on our patio in Rockville to take dining with us this summer to the next level.
One of our favorite summer dishes is our light and delectable Rotisserie Chicken Salad. Prepared with mixed greens, black beans, tomatoes, jicama, corn, carrots, Monterey Jack, chipotle-bleu dressing, avocado, & finished off with BBQ sauce, of course. This salad is anything but ordinary!

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