Our Favorite Winter Dishes

We love Winter because the best comfort foods shine during the cold, snowy months in Maryland!

At Stanford Grill, you’ll find our Chefs are experts at creating wholesome dishes that help make the frigid days much better. A few of our favorites include our creamy and rich Lobster Mac & Cheese. This is a side dish that can cure any and all winter-time blues.


At Copper Canyon Grill, our goal is to serve up flavorful American cuisine daily, which means there are plenty of comfort food dishes to last all Winter! Our homemade Big Meatloaf Stack is packed with ground beef tenderloin, spicy pork sausage & cheese. Ideal for the frosty days when you need a classic dish to warm you up!


There’s nothing better than sleeping in on weekend mornings during the cold months. After you’re well rested, join us for Sunday Brunch at both Stanford Grill and Copper Canyon Grill. Featuring our French Press Coffee and sweet classics like French Toast & Omelets to our famous Filet Mignon Benedict. Make your reservations at Stanford Grill & Copper Canyon Grill today!



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