Freshly Baked Bread in Rockville

Stanford Grill Buns

If there is anything that fills both our space and hearts with warmth is the smell and taste of freshly baked bread. So, we are very proud of our in-house bakery at Stanford Grill Rockville. In this location, we bake all of our various bread daily, including the thin white “Toast Points” for the smoked salmon appetizer and the slider rolls for happy hour.

Stanford Grill Table Bread

The bakery also provides the table bread. This selection of bread rotates every couple of weeks, although, due to popular demand, we have continued to bake our House Made Sugar Rolls. So many people can’t get enough of them!

Stanford Grill French Toast

A lot of our most popular and sought after dishes use the tasty bread we bake. Want to know which ones to keep an eye out and order on your next visit? Aside from our smoked salmon toast points and happy hour slider rolls, you can enjoy our French baguettes, egg washed burger buns, housemade slider rolls, our Sunday brunch French toast bread, the white bread for the kid’s grilled cheese, the knotted rolls for our brunch sliders, the baguettes for our homemade bread pudding, multigrain bread, and our Great Marble Rye used on our delicious Reuben sandwich.

Rockville Bread Display

Did we make you hungry? Perfect! Grab your friends and/or family and come pay us a visit at Stanford Grill Rockville this weekend to savor our freshly baked selections of bread. Made in-house with fresh ingredients and lots of love in our bakery and straight to your table. Let’s break some bread together. We hope to see you soon!


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