Summer is for Surf and Turf

Surf and Turf 1

We have exciting news! Our Maryland locations will be featuring a delicious Surf and Turf dish this summer season starting on July 4th, just in time for the celebrations. The meal includes a slightly seasoned and hardwood grilled 6 oz. filet of sirloin accented with a house made maître d’ butter. This tasty and juicy steak is served with scampi style shrimp and our fully loaded baked potato for just $23.99.


If you are an advocate for sustainable practices, you’ll be happy to know that the shrimps in this dish are sourced using the Monterey Bay Aquarium sustainable fish practice. You can learn more about this practice and other tips on making better seafood choices over at Seafood

Surf and Turf 3

Want to add a delicious glass of wine to your meal? We are pairing this already mouthwatering entrée with a glass of Angeline California Pinot Noir. This wine has a wealth of aromas such as fresh cranberries, maraschino cherries, and orange zest. The palate is round and juicy with a lively acidity. A touch of sweet, smoky oak is felt on the finish. Pay $31.99 to enjoy the Surf and Turf alongside a glass of this interesting and high-quality Pinot Noir.

Surf and Turf 2

Don’t have any plans for Independence Day? Join us at one of our patios to try our seasonal Surf and Turf dish, a glass of wine, cocktails, and summer fun with friends. Make a reservation for the 4th of July or for any other day this summer at Copper Canyon Grill or Stanford Grill today. We can’t wait to share what we made with you!



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