Celebrate #ChocolateDay with our Chocolate Uprising

Chocolate Uprising 1

So many of us love and crave chocolate constantly. So, it’s a good thing that we offer a variety of great desserts to indulge everyone’s sweet tooth. However, when it comes to chocolate, there is one definitive winner in our book. Drumroll, please, and make way for our indulgent and decadent Chocolate Uprising!

Chocolate Uprising 3

Today, July 7th is Chocolate Day, and we couldn’t imagine a better way to celebrate than with this out-of-this-world tower of sweetness and chocolate. Make plans this weekend to bring a friend and share the goodness of our Chocolate Uprising after a nice meal with us. Make sure to leave some space for dessert, though!

Chocolat Uprising 4

You can order this mouthwatering dessert at any Copper Canyon Grill or Stanford Grill location. So, no matter where you are located in Maryland (Orlando, Florida, too!), you’ll surely find one of our restaurants nearby. Make a reservation or just stop by to try this sweet dish for yourself. It is made with a brownie layered with vanilla ice cream and Callebaut chocolate walnut fudge and then topped with chocolate sauce. It’s like a huge ice cream sandwich!

Chocolate Uprising 2

Customers who have experienced our Chocolate Uprising are raving about it online saying that it is “Rich! Rich! Rich!” and celebrating their choice with “Awesome!”. The size is pretty big, so make sure to share or just take it home for later. Catching up on your favorite shows with a piece of our Chocolate Uprising this weekend is surely a win. Who would you share some our Chocolate Uprising with?



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