5 Things to Do in Gaithersburg, MD

Copepr Gaithersburg 2

How does a day of fun ending with a delicious meal sound? We love sharing our philosophy of a healthy and happy lifestyle, and a day out and about with family or friends is also part of the equation. Spending fun moments surrounded with love will help in reducing stress and feeling more supported. Top that with a tasty meal made with fresh ingredients and you are good as gold. That’s why we’d like to inspire you to spend a day exploring Gaithersburg, Maryland with your favorite people and ending the adventure at the table with us!

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Things to Do in Gaithersburg

  1. Gaithersburg Community Museum: Start your journey with a bit of history of the city of Gaithersburg at this free museum. You’ll explore an old bank, school, and even a steam train!
  2.  Washingtonian Center: Want to do some shopping? Stop at this beautiful space where you’ll be able to stay active while walking and shopping at great stores, people watch, get on a paddle boat, and even take the kids to a carousel and playground.
  3. Copper Canyon Grill: Made it to the Washingtonian Center? Rest or wrap up your day with us by the lake! Come sit with us in our spacious dining room or outside patio for tasty bites. Did you know that we are the only green-certified restaurant in Gaithersburg, MD?
  4. Theater at the Arts Barn: Browse pretty art and enjoy a good play at this intimate theater. Check their website to learn about the various performances, dates, times, and prices.
  5. Water Park at Bohrer Park: The whole family will have fun at this water park that provides fast slides, snacks, and mini-golf! You know where to go afterward.

Copper Gaithersburg Green

We hope this list inspires you to explore Gaithersburg when visiting or even if you are a local. Have some fun with friends and family and share all the memories and favorite moments while enjoying our fresh dishes. Make a reservation at Copper Canyon Grill Gaithersburg today!


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