Join us for Sushi Night!

Sushi Night 2

Did you know that you can enjoy fresh sushi at Stanford Grill Rockville? The delicious sushi pieces and rolls available at that location will be available at our Copper Canyon Grills in Maryland and the Stanford Grill in Columbia on selected days of this month. If you are a fan of sushi, this is the time to join us for a unique night!

Sushi Night 4

Here are the dates by location, so you can plan to visit the one nearest you or strategically plan to go to all. (We won’t judge!) Gather your friends and family and get excited for Sushi Night at Copper Canyon Grill and Stanford Grill.

8/10 was at Copper Canyon Grill Gaithersburg

8/16 at Copper Canyon Grill Silver Spring

8/23 at Copper Canyon Grill Glenarden

8/30 at Stanford Grill Columbia

Sushi Night 1

All the items available on the sushi menu at Stanford Grill Rockville will be available at these locations. Expect to enjoy California rolls, Coconut Shrimp rolls, Yellowtail Jalapeño rolls, Spicy Tuna rolls, and other rolls and plates that we’re sure you’ll love. All made using fresh and, when possible, local ingredients for optimum flavor and satisfaction.

Sushi Night 3

We can’t wait to treat you and your friends and family to our creations! Pick a date or location to join us and make your reservation at the Copper Canyon Grill of your choosing or at Stanford Grill to join us for Sushi Night. Already loving the sushi available at Stanford Grill Rockville? Enjoy half off sushi on Mondays and Tuesdays. See you on Sushi Night!


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