8 Dishes Perfect for Summer

Blog Crab Cake Sandwich

It’s finally summer! Are you as excited as we are? In honor of brunches, lunches, dinners, and cocktails al fresco enjoying the nice weather we want to share our favorite summer dishes with you. Grab your squad and join us to enjoy one (or all!) of these delicious and refreshing dishes.

Blog Cheeseburger

  1. Calamari: Seafood is a synonym of summer and this appetizer is a favorite of many. Order one to share with the table while enjoying a cocktail and catching up.
  2. Coconut Shrimp: Seafood plus a tropical ingredient like coconut evoke days enjoying the sun and the nice breeze without a care in the world.
  3. The Stanford Cheeseburger: Because is it even summer if we are not enjoying a perfectly cooked burger outdoors?
  4. Crab Cake Sandwich: Our fluffy and well-made crab cakes between slices of bread is what summers in Maryland are all about.

Blog Salmon

  1. Any of our salads! Salads are not only a lighter alternative (hello bikini season!) but are also refreshingly satisfying.
  2. Short Smoked Atlantic Salmon: Get your healthy fats and Omega-3s in with a decadent piece of fish. You can also ask about our fish of the day!
  3. Key Lime Pie: There is nothing more refreshingly tart and great to enjoy by the water than a perfectly made slice of Key Lime Pie.
  4. Pineapple Up: Tropical fruit desserts are all we need… all summer long!

Blog Key Lime Pie

We can’t wait to share these and any of our tasty dishes with you this summer. Make a reservation at Copper Canyon Grill, Stanford Grill, or Stanford Kitchen to try any of these dishes. Happy summer, everyone!

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