Favorite Fall Flavors

Tomorrow is the official start of the fall season and with it comes a whole set of events and holidays. Before we get caught up in the madness of the last couple of months of 2018, make plans to take a pause and enjoy a great comforting meal with us. On this post, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite dishes perfect to enjoy this fall to inspire your next visit to either Copper Canyon Grill, Stanford Grill, or Stanford Kitchen.

Cornbread Skillet: It’s warm, satisfying and some butter will take it to full-on fall vibes.


Meatloaf Stack: The combination of ground beef tenderloin, spicy pork sausage, and mixed cheeses will keep you warm and ready to brave the winter.


Chicken Pot Pie: Warm crust, flavorful filling. Perfect to enjoy with a glass of wine and enjoy the changing leaves.


Chicken and Waffles: Perfectly battered fried chicken + fluffy, sweet waffles = the feeling you get when you wear your favorite comfy sweater.

Chicken and Waffles Blog

Bread Pudding: No matter the season, we need something sweet and decadent. Our bread pudding is just that! It’ll keep you satisfied and happy from September to December and beyond.

StanfordGrill_Dessert_BreadPudding_05 (1)

Do you still need to try any of these dishes? Make a reservation today to your nearest Copper Canyon Grill, Stanford Grill, or Stanford Kitchen to try one (or all!) of these dishes we think are perfect to enjoy this fall season.

Have you tried any of these? Which one is your favorite fall dish? We can’t wait to serve you this season!

PS: Have an upcoming special event or planning a holiday party? Call us to help you plan the most memorable of events.

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