Countdown to Patio season!

The first day of spring can’t come fast enough—the season of polar vortexes, snow storms, and below-freezing temperatures seems to get longer and longer as it goes on. We’re celebrating the new season by opening the doors to our dining patios at all of our locations!

Starting March 20, the Gaithersburg, Glenarden, Silver Spring, and Orlando locations of Copper Canyon Grill now invite guests to take in their meal in the open air of our patios. Enjoy the fresh air, clear skies, blooming flowers, sprouting trees, and unfiltered sunshine of the new spring and take a real lunch break or refreshing brunch. Or have a quiet dinner surrounded by our twinkling lights and the crisp breeze of evening.

The warmer days call for a lighter palate, so now is the time to switch it up and indulge in something a fresher during the day, like our Rotisserie Chicken Salad or Fresh Fish of the Day. Our Seasonal Vegetable Platter and Veggie Burger make for great warm-weather snacks; a warm Saturday morning calls for a round of fresh Bloody Marys and Spinach & Mushroom Omelettes (and maybe a stack of Banana Nut Pancakes for the table!); while a balmy sunset calls for a pair of Cucumber Gimlets of Peartinis, ordered with a scoop of seasonal ice cream or sorbet or French Fries. It’s all served better outside!

Join us at a table outside and take in the spring air: your state of mind—and likely, your appetite!—will surely improve.


Certified green!

Gaithersburg is known for its stunning lakes and lush forests and parks, so it’s no surprise that being environmentally conscious comes through in our daily routines. So we’re proud to announce that the Green Restaurant Association has certified Copper Canyon Grill as a green restaurant!

The GRA upholds rigorous standards for environmental sustainability in terms of a business’s water efficiency, efforts to reduce waste and recycle, energy usage, and reduction in chemical pollution, among other points. Culled from the past 25 years of research, with input from over 40 independent government, environmental, and science organizations. For our dining room, that might mean that any chair or fixture made from salvaged wood is accounted for in GreenPoints; coffee filters and rechargeable batteries are used in their environmentally preferable forms; our HVAC systems and exhaust fans run on cleaner energy, more efficiently; our toaster is running at an optimal energy rate; offer at least one vegetarian entree; or reducing paper or ink cartridge usage in our offices. It’s evident in the variety of fresh fruits and vegetables we use in our kitchen for everything from indulgent cocktails on Saturday nights to crisp, refreshing salads at lunch.

We look forward to pushing our score even higher in the year ahead! We hope you’ll notice the small, everyday changes we’ll be incorporating into our meals that add up to make significant, sustainable improvements that we can all participate in. For Copper Canyon, being green goes past the leafy shrubs and blooming flowers on our patio—it goes all the way behind the bar, in the recycling bin, around our dining room, and straight through our kitchen, and onto your plate.