Fabulous Beer Pairings


Nothing better than an ice cold beer with your favorite food, but a bad pairing of the two can ruin the moment. Our wait staff get asked what beers pair best with our menu items quite often so we decided to put together a little cheat sheet for you all!

When it comes to cheeses, sandwiches, or pizza, our rule of thumb is that beer is one of the best beverage match for all of the above. Almost any beer can be paired with almost any dish, whether it’s a cheese platter, pizza, sandwich. We think our Cloak and Dagger Sandwich with sharp cheddar cheese and a crisp Pilsner make a fabulous pair. However, we recommend the stronger the cheese or flavor, the darker you go with your beer.

When it comes to light dishes like chicken, seafood, pasta we recommend you go as light in flavor and color as possible. A light German lager or Belgian Saison with fish or our famous Rotisserie Chicken is perfect. Again, if creams or sauces are added you need a heavy, richer beer. Pasta is slightly more versatile but still pairs well with similar brews like blonde ales and German or American wheat ales.

When feasting on red meats like burgers or steak, it’s best to find a beer that complements the bold, rich flavors. A nice, dark beer pairs well with our Canyon Prime Rib.

What are some of your other favorite beer pairings?


Pairing wines

wine-bottle-sizes-4Choosing the right wine to pair with your meal is the key to enhancing your overall dining experience and at Stanford Grill we take pride in our wines! The goal is for your food to compliment and enhance your enjoyment of the wine, and vice versa. So, we are here to help you choose the right wine for the right taste!

Let’s start with the cheeses. White Zinfandel goes well with bleu and fresher cheeses, while a Riesling goes well with many types, especially buttery or hard cheeses. As far as main courses go, the rule of thumb is usually: white wines go with white meats and red wines pair well with red meats. More specifically, lightly prepared poultry goes well with Chardonnay or Chablis, while poultry with heavier sauces can pair with a light, fruity red. Seafood varies, but most whites will do.

Now for my favorite, dessert! The darker the dish, the darker you should go with your wine. A nice sweet port is always suggested, unless you are feeling for a bit of sweet dessert brandy!

Hopefully these tips were helpful and improve the flavors of your dish!