Healthy Halloween


We love celebrating Halloween here at Copper Canyon Grill and Stanford Grill! Seeing everyone all dressed up as their favorite character puts a smile on faces. We don’t like, however, all of the gluten filled in our Trick-or-Treaters candy! Did you know, though, some of our classic favorites are actually gluten-free?

If you do want to pass out candy, go with Baby Ruth, or any pure milk or dark chocolate. Other gluten-free options include Pixie Sticks and gummy worms or bears.

Passing out some special treasures to the kids is also a fun, unique idea. Try stickers, friendship bracelets, or other fun favors! These treasures are great because they can last way past the next day, so they hold more value to the trick-or-treaters.

Remember, too much of a good thing is no good! Even healthy candy should be eaten in moderation.

Have a happy, healthy, and safe Halloween from everyone here at Copper Canyon and Stanford!


Gluten Free-dom


Did you know that at both Stanford Grill and all of our Copper Canyon Grill locations we have a gluten-free menu?

Eating gluten-free has numerous health benefits, including improving cholesterol levels, promoting digestive health, and increasing energy levels (if you have a gluten intolerance)! Don’t be fooled though, just because something is gluten-free does not mean there will be a sacrifice of flavor!

Our gluten-free menu at Copper Canyon Grill is graced with dishes such as our classic Wood-Fired Rotisserie Chicken, saucy BBQ Ribs, Filet (with no Cabernet Sauce), Ice Cream, and much more, while our Stanford menu also contains fulfilling plates such as fresh Tuna Sashimi and a Hardwood Grilled Filet as well.

If you are on a restrictive gluten-free diet, don’t let it get you down! We have you covered with delicious alternatives that will leave you coming back for more!