New Stanford Grill – late summer opening

10981517_855521254494779_8905007813438794379_nHave you heard the news? Construction is currently underway on a new Stanford Grill location at Tower Oaks Blvd in Rockville. This location will have everything you have come to know and love about Stanford Grill, and more! With over 400 seats, there’s room for everyone! We will also be implementing sustainable and green practices that mirror the work we’ve been doing in Gaithersburg. And if you’re worried, don’t be: we will still be open and well in Columbia. We couldn’t be more thrilled to extend the Stanford family – stay tuned for more updates and photos of our progress. So far we are set for a late summer opening, and we hope you’ll join us in celebrating and breaking in the new location when time comes! Until then, we will see you in Columbia. Have a great weekend, and happy Mother’s Day!