Happy National Chocolate Pudding Day to all the chocolate lovers out there! Take a moment to enjoy and digest the photo below of our INFAMOUS Chocolate Uprising Dessert!


This dessert  (click the link to imagine this as you read) is a must when looking for a sweet ending and sweet comfort to your meal! and of course, chocolate will keep you happy, full, and relaxed. Guests who have experienced our Chocolate Uprising are raving about it online reviews that it is “the best dessert I’ve ever had”.

Now time to describe this dessert: just imagine 1) a split chocolate warm brownie 2) sandwiched with a thick layer of vanilla ice cream 3) topped with a generous amount of whipped cream 4) drizzled with warm caramel sauce. How good does this sound to you? It’s a dessert that can be shared between two people or even 5 just to get a palette cleanser. Slice and share. There’s always enough for the whole table.

We hope you can join us on this special day to try this special dessert. It will be available all summer long.